Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Birthday Party!

Our first paying party was a birthday party.  The first time my phone rang,  I was walking into the library and answered.  I was not prepared to schedule a party!!! I didn’t even know the right questions to ask yet.  I stumbled through it and asked if I could call her back.  Then I went home and we started to think through all the things we needed to know and talk about to have a party – there’s a lot when you start to think about it!  We were excited though.  We scheduled the birthday party and tried to think through everything we might possibly need to take or do to have a successful party.
Things weren’t smooth though.  The day before the party, the birthday boy got sick, and we had to reschedule the party!  For all the anticipation we had, that was a long wait.  Still, it was rescheduled and finally came.  The party went great!  The kids had a fun time, the mom was happy, and we had our first party under our belt.

We’ve done many parties since then.  They all have their own flavor and they are all a lot of fun.  It’s fun to see so many kids having such a good time.  Over and over we hear comments like “This is the best party ever” and “What a great idea” and “This was such an easy party for me” and on and on.  Those are all things we like to hear!

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