Saturday, August 27, 2011

Introducing - Lego Camps

Ready Race Party is now offering Lego Camps for AfterSchool Groups, Daycares, Community Centers and more.  Camps can be scheduled as a one day camp, two day camp, three day camp, or four day camp. They can be held all in the same week, one day a week for a month, or one day a month for one semester.

Camps are a way to extend the creative, imaginative side of Ready Race Party to new areas and allow children to explore new ideas and concepts while engaging their inherent desire to create and grow.

Choose from the following Camps:

Challenge Camp

City Camp

Utah Camp

and Ready Race Party - a Lego Car Building, Racing, Crashing Party

Save more when you have a 4 Day Camp! Camps can be once a month, once a week, or whatever works for your schedule.

Pricing:  4 Day Camp - $140/each day of camp*
             3 Day camp - $150/each day of camp*
             2 Day camp - $160/each day of camp*
             1 Day camp - $170/each day of camp*

*Prices are for up to 30 students.  Add $20 for every 10 students over 30 or call for help 801-750-3665.